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Halloween printebebe style

Posted on October 30 2015

I am not sure about you but growing up in Australia, Halloween was never a big thing. I remember going trick or treating only once, I am not sure we dressed up although I do remember a Hulk amongst our group. We were lucky to get a few freddo frogs from our adventures, but it was so fun to roam the streets in a pack, that was my favourite bit... Fast forward to now and to my daughter, Halloween is as exciting as xmas or easter...and for me, SO much fun dressing up... it's also the time of the year I seem to get my baking hat on. And LOVE it. Here's a snap shot of our Halloween this year so far and some great links to some insta mums who always have such great clever and crafty ideas that I find so inspiring...


 Little spider cakes (marshmellow bodies and smartie head)

Mandarin pumpkins with cucumber stalks and Banana Ghosts (banana dipped in yoghurt, choc bits for eyes and pop in the freezer)

Kindy dress-up party: She finds it all a little scary, we started with 'The Corspe Bride" but the idea of it gave her nightmares so she ended up being a Fruit Bat Vampire Princess Bride... no blood and gore (fruit only, apples are there favourite I am told)  but scary enough for her because bats stay up in the dark! and I was so happy to finally get her out of a tutu....not for long, she has plans to be a ballerina cat for actual will be added



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