printebebe size guide

printebebe size guides

Printebebe is an easy fit range of children’s clothing that is designed for longevity. Sleeves and trouser hems roll up and down as children grow. As a general rule our sizing is generous so children fit the size of their age. We also have many lean 8 year olds wearing our size 5.

Size 6 works for size 6-8 years and size 8 is for 8 plus

Our size 5 skirts tend to fit to size 8-10 years

If you need individual lengths or measures that are not on the website, please email


size                  age                          weight            height

3m                 3-6 months                5-8kg               60-67cm

6 m                6-12 months               8-10kg             67-76cm

1 year            12 -22 month             10-12kg            74-86cm

2 year             22-36 month                                       85-95cm

3 year             3-4 year                                               90- 100cm

4 year             4-5 year                                              100-110 cm

5 year             5-6 year                                              110-120cm

6 year              6-8 years                                           115-130cm

8 years            7-8 years                                           125-135cm